Collect the data by asking open ended questions in Interactive Videos and other content types with Questionnaire. Answers are being made available via xAPI. Therefore the website owners are able to store the data (answers) differently. Answers may be stored in an LRS, the sites own custom repository or a script may for instance fetch the e-mail address and use it to send the user an e-mail.

For retrying refresh the page.

For enabling H5P Questionnaire on your website you should:

  1. Enable LRS dependent content types under H5P Settings (the location of the settings differs depending on the platform you're using)
  2. Set up a service to process the events (typically an LRS)


  • Add multiple choice or open ended questions
  • Make it compulsory to answer specific questions
  • Modify the display text and show an image upon completion
  • Set the accessibility messages for screen readers